domingo, 28 de setembro de 2008

Within Temptation - Black Symphony (Live)

Banda: Within Temptation
Album: Black Symphony
Vocal: Sharon Den Adel

CD: 1

01.: Ouverture
02.: Jillian [i'd give my heart]
03.: The howling
04.: Stand my ground
05.: The cross
06.: What have you done [featuring keith caputo]
07.: Hand of sorrow
08.: The heart of everything
09.: Forgiven
10.: Somewhere [featuring anneke van giersbergen]
11.: The swan song
12.: Memories

CD: 2
01.: Our solemn hour
02.: The other half [of me] [featuring george oosthoek]
03.: Frozen
04.: The promise
05.: Angels
06.: Mother earth
07.: The truth beneath the rose
08.: Deceiver of fools
09.: All i need
10.: Ice queen



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thalwan disse...

Infelismente o arquivo não se encontra mais nesse link?
"The file could not be found. Please check the download link."

fica pra proxima...